Robert Bryce Milburn’s style gives you an unsettling feeling.
Milburn knows how to make a short that’s both engaging and scary.
As a writer, finding a director willing to protect the needs of a narrative against the pressures of production is hard enough, let alone finding one that’s capable of pulling it off. Bryce is that needle in the haystack of filmmakers.

Bryce and I have collaborated on several projects since 2012 ranging from short films to a graphic novel on the horizon. He can come to me with any project at this point and I’m already on board before the pitch. On set, I find he commands that same regard from his cast and crew.
— Nicholas Begnaud (Screenwriter & Art Director at Little Giant Studios, Inc, Burbank, California)
As an actor, it’s very important working with a director who knows how to effectively communicate his vision with the entire team in a professional and polite manner. Robert nails this! I felt totally supported—especially during a very intense scene that required quick emotional resets. He made sure I was happy with the scene, which totally set my mind at ease. It made me happy knowing that he was happy with my performance, as well.

Bottom line is that Robert is an “actor’s director”—he works well with actors and understands them. That is absolutely a critical element to being a great filmmaker. Anyone who works with Robert will certainly benefit from his skillset as a filmmaker and storyteller, who has a gentle demeanor and absolute focus and drive.
— Amy Hoerler (Actress & Multimedia Coordinator at Burt Reynolds Institute for Film & Theatre, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida)
Bryce certainly brings a darkness, and originality to whatever he works on. He works very well with everyone on bringing a concept to life.
— Mark Ashworth (Actor from The Magnificent Seven, Lore, & Black Panther)